What are Fake Opals?

Posted by Australian Opals on February 28, 2010

Fake opals are produced by synthesizing the silica beads that form natural opal. Fake opals are easy to spot by their regular play-of-colour due to identically sized silica beads.

An experienced eye should be able to distinguish a fake opal from a natural solid opal with ease. A trick of the trade is to hold the natural and fake opals up against the light. A natural opal should go entirely translucent, however a fake opal will not. In the case of a boulder opal or doublet opal, a high powered camera flash can be used to take an image of the stone. Should the stone be real, the flash will turn the opal translucent and illuminate the stone or plastic backing.

Fake opals hold very little value and we DO NOT deal in any fake opals.

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