9.4ct Semi-Black Harlequin Opal – £3,600

Posted by Australian Opals on June 1, 2011

Semi Black Opal

This beautiful LARGE TOP QUALITY opal is absolutely loaded with bright colours, showing a FLAG HARLEQUIN pattern. The fire ranges from sparkling red and orange to green and blue. The colours are always moving bright and sparkly as the opal is turned. The colourful show this stone puts on is spectacular to say the very least. The opal is far more sparkly in reality with a play-of-colour that is always showing its full potential. Away from direct light, there is much more red which the camera didn’t pick up. Works just as well, if not better in lower light.


Origin Lightning Ridge
Category Semi black Opal
Play-of -colour Multicolour
Pattern Flag Harlequin
Body tone N5
Brilliance Scale 4.5
Clarity Opaque
Cut Low dome
Shape Oval
Weight (carat) 9.40
Size 19.0 x 14.0 x 5.0 mm
Polish High Quality


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