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Wollemi Opals

Investment Parcel

Investment Parcel

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I make regular buying trips to the Australian opal fields to buy bulk rough material on behalf of myself and investors. These parcels are cut as economically as possible with a target of at-least 20% of every parcel cut into rubs and stones.

In consultation with investors, parcel targets can range from low risk low return (such as bulk Coober Pedy rough material purchased at $0.50 to $5/ct and selling for $50-150/ct) to high risk high return (such as single high value Lightning Ridge black nobbies where a single piece of rough can easily hit $5k, and the cut value can exceed $5k/ct.)

There's a minimum pool for each trip, with £30k investor funds required. As such there can be a wait time up to 6 months before sufficient investor funds are collected to warrant a trip.

Parcels are then cut, aiming to maximise return. 

Fees for this opportunity are as follows:

10% of investment (as cash) + 20% of processed parcel value (as cash or stones)

 The 10% fee covers expenses for a trip to a number of major opal fields, and 20% of the processed parcel value to incentivise delivering maximum return whilst remaining economic. My profit is intrinsically linked with yours.

 Once a parcel is processed, I can either send the parcel to you, hold the parcel for you, or attempt to sell remaining rough and/or cut stones/rubs to earn profit. I'll supply an insurance valuation when sending stones/rubs/rough to investors.

It can also make some sense to retain plenty of stones as rubs, pending commission requests. In this way a rub can be processed into cabs, pillow cuts, matching pairs, etc according to the commission spec. A premium is then chargeable for the final cut and whilst the value of the rub remains low, a greater profit is realised at final cut.

There are no guarantees and every purchase could result in a total loss, however the expected returns are in the region of 100% profit on a low risk parcel, and anywhere up to 500% on a high risk (but expect a loss on two of every three parcels).

Dollars are in AUD, and pounds are in Pound Sterling.

No guarantees are made, express or implied, and at no point should any communications, including this listing, be taken as advice.

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