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Wollemi Opals

6" Flat Lap V2 - Variable Angle - COMING SOON.

6" Flat Lap V2 - Variable Angle - COMING SOON.

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Wollemi Opals 6" Flat Lap, Version 2

  • 30w Motor
  • 6 inch flat lap disc compatible (1/2 inch and 16mm bore)
  • Variable Angle 0-65 degrees
  • Mostly assembled
  • Parts are easily and cheaply replaced if they wear out or break
  • 110-240v compatible
  • Portable
  • Can run from power tool batteries or car batteries
  • Upgradable
  • Ships internationally

Version 2 of the Wollemi Opals 6" flat lap machine features higher quality 3d printing, a desk clamp, a better dripper, and variable angle so you can cut at the best angle for you. I'm also selling V2 mostly assembled. The only thing you need to do is install one bolt securing the motor mount to the table clamp, and the dripper angle control arm with 2 further bolts. You will need to provide a soft-drink bottle, a piece of standard garden hose for the drain (or just let it drip into a bucket on the floor), fit your chosen lap disc, and you're ready to cut. If you don't live in the UK you'll also need a UK plug adapter or kettle lead, but the power supply is 110v-240v compatible.

I'm also providing a cost price upgrade kit for people who purchased the first machine, although they'll need to assemble the V2 machine themselves from those parts.

I've spent a considerable amount of time taking the feedback from the first flat lap machine and creating a new design. Everything has been re-designed from the ground up, but relies on many of the design discoveries of the first model. I've also invested heavily in higher quality 3d printers that produce a much better finish, and allow for some attractive finishes.

The biggest difference is that you can now adjust the angle of the lap disc to suit your preferences, the work you're doing, and your posture. It's variable from flat to around 65 degrees for an almost vertical lap disc, with an automatically adjusting dripper system that keeps the dripper level no matter the angle of the disc.

The dripper system has been totally redesigned to be fully 3d printed, and you no longer need to modify a soft-drink bottle. It still uses a soft-drink bottle as the water reservoir which has proven to be a very effective and low cost way to deliver water. With the 3d printed dripper you can vary the speed of drip much more finely, and you don't have to fiddle around with an awkward snake style dripper. 

The third major change is the addition of a table clamp as the primary mounting method. You can still screw the system to the table by removing the bottom piece of the table clamp, but with this clamp you can fit on any table from 18mm to 50mm thickness. This cuts down vibrations whilst allowing you to pack the machine away when not in use.

The mounting on V2 allows an easier path for the drain hose, which now sits at the front of the machine and will overhang the front of a table, so it can drip directly into a bucket beneath the table or between your legs.

The control box for V2 is better in almost every way, but includes the same variable speed controller. It's stronger, can be positioned away from the machine, and won't be within the splash zone or work area.

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